Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India

Erectile dysfunction is mainly characterized by the inability to develop or maintain erection of the penis for a longer span, which can ultimately lead to Impotence. Although not life threatening by itself ED is a strong predictor of high mortality diseases such as coronary artery diseases, cardiovascular diseases.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

An understanding of the basic physiology of erection will help us to fight efficiently against the disease. The erection mechanism is much like a firm tire, which is depending upon its hose for delivering an adequate amount of air in speedy fashion, and a valve mechanism that holds the air in place. In the penis the hose is represented by the erection arteries, which rapidly carry blood into the erectile bodies and the valve mechanism, while complicated in its structure, ensures that the blood is trapped inside the erectile bodies until ejaculation occurs or the sexual stimulus has passed.

Medical conditions listed above can block the erection arteries or cause scarring of erection bodies and prevent proper blood flow thus limiting the erection. While the majority of the ED patients is treated with currently available medications approximately 70% remain unresponsive to it. Apart from this all treatment options can treat only symptoms and not the underlying causes. But the research efforts for stem cell treatments have laid a foundation towards finding a long term solution that can reverse the pathogenesis of ED and thereby restore the patient’s ability to achieve natural erection.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Major Manifestations of ED, in patients include the following:

Trouble getting an erection
Trouble keeping an erection
Reduced sexual desire

Conventionally, the treatment for ED involves the use of prostaglandin drugs, applicators, etc. However there long term use may welcome lot many other side effects such as visual abnormalities, hearing loss, dyspepsia, headache, coronary artery diseases etc. Moreover, the treatment appearing to be of temporary use and not a permanent solution. In order to get a complete reversal of disease manifestation, stem cells can be the better option. These cells have proven their potential in a variety of clinical trials of male infertility. Stem cells are the most naive cells of the body, which can differentiate into many new cells depending upon the requirement and the direction. They have evidently proven to promote angiogenesis, revascularization, improve blood flow, etc. Thus with the employment of Autologous stem cells from your own bone marrow and adipose tissue, it is now possible to find out a permanent symptomatic solution for the same. The stem cell therapy approach mainly focuses on delivering the sufficient number of Adult Autologous Stem Cells which will travel into multiple areas of the damaged parts, remove blockages, promote blood flow.