Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

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Hair Loss/Fall Treatment in India

Although very common, hair loss is a very distressing disorder; denting a person’s confidence and provoking the feeling of depression. Because there are so many reasons of hair loss, determining the exact cause can be a bit difficult.

It has been observed that hair loss is not only linked up with the internal disease but is also associated with some genetic manipulations and family history. Additionally, normal life variations such as stress, poor diet and hormonal changes associated with conditions such as pregnancy, puberty and menopause may aggravate the process.

Hair Loss Treatment

Currently,treatments for hair loss include hair restoration, medications, transplantations etc. However these treatments cannot offer permanent solution and the results may also vary from person to person. Contrary to this, stem cells technology has shown great improvement in treating hair loss naturally and more effectively. As per the statistical analysis; data obtained from various clinical trials have shown good results in regulation of immune system, promotion of hormonal balance and production of new hair follicles.

Hair Loss

Each hair fiber rises from the hair follicles, which are generated in the mother’s womb. Each human being has 1000’s of hair follicles originated from the dermal papillae. Each follicle can form one hair shaft. Each hair follicle has a different productivity, which can be influenced by age, disease and due to some external applications. The productivity cycle of the hair follicle is generally divided into three phases:

Anagen:- Active Hair growth
Catagen:- Transitional
Telogen:- This is the final resting phase in which the hair is shed and the cycle has to start again to grow a new hair shaft.

Each follicle is extended from dermal papilla, which are the small projections approaching from the dermis into the epidermis underneath the skin. Their main function is to provide nourishment to the hair follicles through blood circulation and increased oxygen supply; which is known to be important for generation of long healthy and lustrous hair shaft. It has been observed that these dermal papillae are also structurally made up of firbroblast stem cells which help in regeneration of new follicle. Each dermal papillae are also externally covered with dermal sheath, to protect it and also to give support and strength to the growing hair shaft. Scientists have also observed some progenitor cells in the dermal sheath which are responsible for new hair generation from the same follicles. Thus conclusively both these structures dermal papilla and dermal sheath are collectively responsible for maintaining strong and healthy hair in human body.

However, due to stress, age related issues or certain external factors are reported to have strong damaging impact on hair fibers and hair follicles as well. The loss is so much that the resident stem cell need external help to reverse the damage that has occurred. Scientists have observed from various animals and human clinical trials that it is possible to stimulate these structures with the help of external supply of your own stem cells, which are being isolated from your own body sources such as Bone Marrow or Adipose Tissue.

Conventional Hair Loss Remedies

Currently there are many manufacturers, offering many oil, gels, medicines as a possible treatment for the hair loss. Dermatologists can also suggest some procedures depending upon how much hair you have lost, such as hair transplantation, scalp reduction, scalp expansion etc. However the hair growth mechanism is so complex that just a tropical applications of some oils or creams will not be useful, neither only promoting some hormones can create a magic of hair generations. Stem cell treatments can, however, promote your natural hair growth without any side effects.

Objective of stem cell treatments

The goal of the hair loss treatment programme is to stimulate his/her immune system, promote cellular regeneration that will slow down a balding process and spark a new hair growth naturally, to make you regain your confidence level back with the help of stem cell treatments.

Hair Fall Treatment Procedure:

Treatment Procedure with Stem Cells for Hair Loss

Here at Stem Cell Treatment in India, we have collectively utilized scientific excellence and technological provision to treat hair problems such as Aloepecia, Baldness using stem cells isolated from the most potent source of your body an Adipose Tissue.

Once isolated, they can be processed in the clean environment to enrich with the pure populations and re-infused back through the dermal papilla. One inside the dermis, they will be able to generate hair follicles by creating the microenvironment. Sometimes by even stimulating your dermal papillae with supplements containing growth factors, it is possible to promote hair growth from hair follicle. The ultimate mode of treatment will be decided by an expert depending upon the physical condition and need.

The results obtained so far are very conspicuously positive and motivating.